When it comes to the future, everyone agrees: the world must become sustainable. Something must happen. Now. Immediately. The energy transition should bring solutions to the major challenges in the energy sector as quickly as possible.

Hydrogen technologies are an essential part of the energy transition, because they help to make the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies. This can also close the gap between electricity generation from renewables and the demand for green electricity. Hydrogen technologies have the potential to replace fossil fuels in industry and to link the energy sector more closely with industry and transport.

Hydrogen explosion in 1894 on the airstrip
in Berlin-Tempelhof

In the analysis of that time, experienced material scientists* can recognize the first routines in the performance of failure analyses, and the importance of Adolf Martens as a pioneer in this field becomes clear. Learn more here.

Look back

Research report with patina: "Hydrogen as an energy carrier" from 1985