In 2017, BAM is testing 3D printing during a parabolic flight - future space missions should be able to print out tools and spare parts themselves.

Guenster at a parabolic flight


3D printing in space: the first printed spanner


Acceleration maneuver

2018 sees the launch of the BAMStartup Slingshot program, with which BAM actively supports the spin-off of start-ups. Funding has been provided, for example, to companies for printing 3D ceramics, for monitoring buildings with sensor technology and for purifying peptides in the pharmaceutical industry.

BAM Startup Slingshot at the Hannover Messe



In 2019, BAM was one of the founding members of the integrated project MaterialDigital establishing a virtual platform for materials data.

Energy turnaround

In 2020 BAM founded the competence centre H2Safety@BAM and now supports the hydrogen strategies of the German Federal Government and the EU. Below: Testing a hydrogen storage.

BAM's fields of competence in hydrogen technologies