Diversity-sensitive language

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We, the Tech4Germany Projekt-Fellows and a BAM team, have been working on diversity-aligned language .

Not an easy topic in the German language! Many opinions, many dimensions, many application options...

We want to discuss with you: What are the needs and challenges? How do you experience diversity in language use in your everyday life? And/or is there no need for diversity-aligned language at all?

The project

BAM has been committed to using diversity-aligned language since 2017. Raising awareness among more than 1,600 employees and standardising the use of language is a major challenge.

For this cultural change, a solution is to be developed in a Tech4Germany project that supports employees in the use of diversity-aligned language, for example by examining job advertisements and job references for insensitive language use and making counter-suggestions.

The solution could also be used in other public authorities.

Date3 Nov 2021, 12:30-13:30
TypeLive Talk
TopicOpenminded: Diversitätssensible Sprache für alle?
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